Sam Lessin for Harvard Overseers 2024
The Nomination Period for the Harvard Overseers Ballot ends in 1 week. I want to lean in. All alums of all Harvard schools (college, HBS, HLS, etc.) can vote
1. Nominate me via these directions (<5 min)
2. Email and text your Harvard Friends to Help. Suggested content here
3. Help more & get involved? message me samlessin at

I am Running for the Harvard Board of Overseers to Help Address Glaring Leadership Failures & Requesting Support From Like-Minded Alumni

To Nominate Me as a write-in candidate for the Board of Overseers:

1. Navigate to

2. Log in with your HarvardKey account (see below or email [email protected] for help)

3. Fill out the nomination form with your information, and then nominate me

First Name: Samuel
Last Name: Lessin
School: Harvard and Radcliffe College
Year: 2005

4. Please let me know you formally nominated me so I can track progress towards our goal.

Technical Help

Some people are having issues with Harvard Key — here is what I have been told if you run into issues:

1. Visit and click the link “Claim Your HarvardKey.”

2. On the "Select User Type" page, click on the tab that reads “Alumni.” Then click “Continue.”

3. Enter your HAA ID in the first field. Your HAA ID is: <000000000> 

4. In the second field, enter your last name.

5. In the third field, enter your degree year. Click “Continue.”

6. This will cause a confirmation email to be sent to the primary email address Harvard has on file for you. We updated your primary email address and you must wait 24 hours to claim your HarvardKey account.

7. Click the link in the email sent to your primary address and enter the 8-character confirmation code.  Click “Continue.”

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10. Enter and confirm your new password.  Click “Submit” to complete the process.

11. If you still have trouble registering or need more detailed instructions, please see our registration help page at

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Campaign for Overseer Nomination
How To Nominate Formally
My Beliefs
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