Sam Lessin for Harvard Overseers 2024
The Nomination Period for the Harvard Overseers Ballot ends in 1 week. I want to lean in. All alums of all Harvard schools (college, HBS, HLS, etc.) can vote
1. Nominate me via these directions
2. Email and text your Harvard Friends to Help. Suggested content here

Fellow Harvard Alums,

Harvard needs help returning to what should be obvious principles: (1) Put academic excellence first. and stay out of politics (2) Foster true academic free speech and free inquiry in class (3) Keep students safe and free to pursue their academic goals.

I am running to get on the ballot of the Harvard Board of Overseers because I think I can help the university get back on course. Since I started working on this in December, I have spoken to dozens of high ranking Administrators, Members of the Corporation, Board of Overseers Members, and Faculty. There is a large silent majority that sees the need for change, which is very encouraging. But, they need help from experienced non-political leaders who are willing and able to stand up. That is what I can and will do.

I have been endorsed by lots of folks including Steve Pinker who has been excellent identifying a path forward for the university ("a forum not a protagonist!")... and my campaign has been covered since December in the Crimson , CNN , the Boston Herald -- For more of who I am you can see my Perspectives on Harvard Videos of Live events with Harvard Alums for Free Speech, Chabad, etc. and with alums like Adrian Ashkenazy (co-founder HJAA), Laura Wharton (Jerusalem City Council), Harvey Silverglate (co-founder of FIRE) and Many More


Sam Lessin
Class of 2005

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