Sam Lessin for Harvard Overseers 2024

I am Running for the Harvard Board of Overseers to Help Address Glaring Leadership Failures & Requesting Support From Like-Minded Alumni

Thank you for signing up to help with this effort...

The Key Next Steps

1. Formally nominate me here to make sure your vote counts / your voice is heard

2. Share my campaign with other alums and organizations. Some suggestions on what to share here

I really appreciate the support. Thank you.

Sam Lessin
Class of 2005

More Ways to Help

If you are willing / able to help more here are some things I think will really move the needle.

Share a quote of support I can publicly reference. I think having a bundle of public support statements I can release early January would be quite useful. Please email these to [email protected] - and thank you.

Do a 10 minute alum video with me. Video is powerful. I have started recording some videos with Alums from different schools / generations on how they are feeling about Harvard now and what needs to change. If you are up for doing one of these with me, please email me [email protected] and I would love to set up a casual conversation.

Campaign for Overseer Nomination
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